Every Village Deserves a School Open to Every Student


Avi successfully administered a K-10th grade schoolhouse in her village for several years. But after she finally convinced the village elders to grant her a separation from her violently abusive husband, he was granted ownership of everything the couple had shared.

For $10,000 USD, Morung Project built Avi a new school building and provided her with the basics to get a new school off the ground. Four years later, Avi’s new school has a steady enrollment between 270 and 400 students with 14 instructors. Due to Avi’s passion for educating every child of the village and her compassion for the children that can barely afford to pay for their school uniform, over half of her students are on full scholarship. Because of this, the school is not yet self-sustaining. Therefore, survival for Avi and her daughter is difficult.

With another $2000 USD, the school could purchase two tractors for the purpose of renting them within the village. Currently, villagers wait for weeks to use the only tractor in the village for a single day. Two tractors would generate enough income for Avi and her daughter’s daily needs as well as upgrades and maintenance to the school.

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